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I am a College Counselor

I specialize in guidance for students in grades 8-12 for career planning and college admissions to the US.

I have spent a decade expanding my knowledge and understanding of the college admissions process honing my skills as a college counselor. Having lived both in India and the US as a parent, I understand the education system very well in both places and have a global perspective.

I make a difference in my student’s lives and help them achieve their goals and dreams and walk alongside them in their journey. I strongly believe that my success lies in my students’ successes.

I also teach my students life skills – how to cook a simple meal, manage finances, time management, and more.

I am often asked when is the best time to start preparing for college. My response is always – Now is the best time to start.

Community Service

Giving back to the community isn’t just about getting admission to a college, it teaches us an important value – Empathy and one of the main traits for a successful leader.

Barack Obama rightly said, “Empathy is a quality of character that can change the world”.

Growing up I was in awe of my philanthropist grandfather and even though I can never fit in his shoes but can make a humble attempt to follow in his footsteps.  

I am always looking for opportunities to make a difference and these are some of my recent accomplishments.

since 2020
Board Member, Campbell Union High School District Education Foundation, Campbell USA
since 2017
Member, Campbell Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Campbell USA
since 2020
Member, ICC, Milpitas USA
since 2015
Member, Maitri, San Jose USA
2019 – 2021
Board Member, Udayan Care USA
since 2012
Member, Udayan Care, New Delhi India

Education and Certification

I am a seeker and am always looking to learn with a zest for knowledge. Growing up I did not know what I wanted to be in life and changed paths multiple times from being an interior designer to a graphic/web designer to an artist to a teacher to education and finally, I found my passion in working with kids and helping them find their path.
UC Berkeley Extension, Berkeley, CA, USA
Certificate in College and Career Counselling
Masters Institute, San Jose, CA, USA
Associate Degree, Multimedia Communication & Presentation
West Valley College, Saratoga, CA, USA
Associate Degree – Child Education
International Polytechnic for Women, New Delhi, India
Associate Degree, Interior Design
Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi, India
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

Here is what the parents and students are saying

ParentCalifornia, USA

We really appreciate your time in helping my daughter with your guidance and support to write very quality essays from her introspection.

Ishita PurwarStudent

You have been a great mentor throughout this life changing journey. Thank you for making it a memorable one for me.


Working with Ruchi made even the most complicated tasks look simple. She worked like a mentor and we will never forget her valuable contribution to Veral's career.

Paavani OjhaStudent

From helping me short list colleges, to picking majors and improving my essays, her support was constant in every step of the way.

ParentTexas, USA

Thanks for the guidance. Your tips helped us to shape a better application.

I am affiliated with

College Roadmap

The best time and best practices to consider when thinking about college. A must-read for students and parents.

My Services

I can help with the college process based on the grade the student is currently in.


I write about colleges, the application process, and lots of other information you may require.

Start a Conversation

I am here as your mentor, college guide, and life coach.

Ruchi G.Saran